Thunderbird Tribute - By Custom Master Woodworking artist David Blackburn. Automotive memorabilia piece with a multitude of great and interesting features! Features include, 120 to 12V converter actuating original Thunderbird Dash cluster lights, Turn indicators, Custom back-lit multi-cabinet drawers, and specialty rotary knob multi-switched music player with various hit songs from the era. Middle open-cabinet multi-tier display with internal lighting. Over 500+ hours invested in design and construction. For Sale $22,000 Contact David Blackburn: dbartwood@hotmail.com

FOR SALE - $22,000 | Please call for details


Exotic Woods & Craftsmanship

Premium quilted maple, curly maple, and Lacewood Aqua-dyed enhanced wing-front, aluminum fins with hand carved and shaped back wing feathers. Rests on custom shaped Italian Black Granite pedestal base.


58’ Chrome Thunderbird Dash

Original 1958 Thunderbird Dash. Includes 12V powered with fully functional Dash cluster lighting, working turn signal, and specialty rotary knob multi-switched looping and multi-song music player with various hit songs from the era. (12 pin knob, upgradeable to MP3 Jukebox module)


Special Display & Storage

3-Tier, pull-out fold-down display drawers with e custom shaped t-Bird logo backlit lighting. Middle-body open-cabinet multi-tier glass shelving display with internal top lighting.